Kei Shin Martial Arts & Fitness

Building Champions of Life

Martial Art & Fitness Classes 


The Kei Shin System

The Kei Shin System focuses on providing a fun way to fitness by incorporating self-defense, kickboxing, karate, and ground defense techniques in a fun environment!  You will get in shape, learn useful self-defense skills, and have fun at the same time!




Tiny Tigers

Our Tiny Tigers class is specially designed for kids ages 4 to 7 years old.  It focuses on building coordination, self discipline, and motor skills.  We love to watch our Tiny Tigers in action!


Karate Kids

Our Karate Kids program is specially designed for kids ages 7 to 12 years old.  It focuses on building respect, self esteem, focus, fitness, and building self-confidence thru self-defense in order to better bully proof your child.  We teach kids how to be leaders in life so that they will turn out to be Champions in Life as adults!


Teen & Adult 

Our Teen/Adult classes are designed for those 13 & over.  Classes target physical fitness and self-defense.  We strive to make you stronger in life so you will be stronger on the street.  Students are worked at their own level.  We want to make you a better you!  These classes teach no nonsense self-defense techniques while you increase your fitness level so you can better defend yourself and your family if a situation arises.  It is nice to have confidence walking down the street knowing that you can defend yourself.